Asia Marketing Digital - Marketing - Fund RaisingAsia Marketing Digital - Marketing - Fund Raising

We work with many companies helping them prepare for fund raising and general presentations, whilst also assisting them with introductions to venture capital and angel investors around the world. We work closely with to list ventures looking for capital and our other private equity fund clients.

We work with private equity companies doing analysis of the holding and helping them improve their presentations from fund raising to business plan and marketing strategy. Any private equity company wishing to raise capital from banks to private equity must have a clear company presentation, business plan and strategic plan, whilst also having a suitable company image online to support them in negotiations and building business partner relationships.

Case studies

  • Jungle Lodge Retreat - Thailand Resort Development
    A detox retreat on phuket's east coast

    What we did: Logo and branding along with executive business plan, site renderings of the site and potential villas, common areas and introduced to potential investment partners – ongoing.

    BFLAP – Private Equity – London

    Is a private equity fund looking at listed and unlisted opportunities in USA, Asia and Europe.

    What we did: We work with Bflap to build them and information website login only for their existing investors while also looking at investment for them to give strategic marketing services and advice.
  • Asia Pacific DealFlow Limited
    APDEALFLOW – Hong Kong

    APDealFlow is a VC portal for investors and companies to come together where startup and small companies can post their funding needs from corporate funding to VC funding and APDealFlow match them up with investor and financial partners.

    What we did: We work closely on the apdealflow website and development while introducing potential companies look for funding and investors interested in VC investment. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.