Asia Marketing Digital - HistoryAsia Marketing Digital - History

Asia Marketing was formed over ten years ago by Johnny Skepper to meet the needs of local clients looking for a sophisticated marketing agency. The subsequent property boom in Phuket made Asia Marketing the agency of choice amongst property developers. The Company's expansion led to more offshore work from Europe and the United States as Asia Marketing proved to be highly creative and ideally situated to take advantage of lower costs and an advantageous time difference.

To date Asia Marketing has created digital solutions for over three hundred clients and continues to challenge and surpass the expectations of its clients and competitors.

  • Old Branding

    Our Branding in 2001 - 2008

  • Present Branding

    Our Current Branding

  • Old Business Card

    Our Business Card in 2003 - 2005

  • Present Business Card

    Our Current Business Card